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Originally Posted by stv2049 View Post
For me it's all about simplicity and ease of use.

Identifying threats is far easier for my brain to process when looking at an array of colored letters rather than graphics.
Yeah, I think this is the main reason I like ASCII graphics as well. That said, it's possible for tiles to do this - in Crawl, it's actually easier to identify threats when you're using tiles, at least for low level threats(demon strength is more clearly conveyed in ASCII IMO).

I guess I understand the point the "text = imagination" people are making, but it's never really resonated with me. I'll stop and try to imagine a unique every once in a while but when I'm killing an orc pit or whatever I just see an "@" symbol making "o"s disappear. That kind of rote task isn't very immersive in a graphical game either, because my brain is 'turned off', but it's probably more immersive for me than text. Even when it comes to those uniques I stop and imagine, it's less impressive in my imagination than it is with a relatively modern graphical display, the same way a fireworks display is more impressive to me than reading a description of fireworks, even a description of really big fireworks. A picture is worth a thousand words so 60 pictures per second equates to an awful lot of descriptive text.
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