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pampl, one can construct arguments for, or against, the points you make...but ANY argument is basically a straw man. It's all rationalization. The game works the way it does because it's simple to code and simple to understand. Real-world logic is just not an issue.

Example: hammer. I never swing at someone's toe, so that comment's meaningless. Lack of variability? Anywhere I hit in the main body is doing bruising and crushing and concussive'll tend to be rather consistent. The sharp pointy weapon? It's gonna glance off bone, OR maybe it slides through deep. The former does little damage, the latter does lots. So the hammer's low variability, the sword's high variability.

The notion of a critical isn't "I did max damage." The mechanics on weapon damage don't support XdY+Z, just XdY...and that's really enough.
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