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If you had somehow gotten rid of Atlas, you almost certainly would have been disappointed by the contents of the vault anyway. When you get to the stage where you can consistently produce endgame characters, you should try just scumming for vaults and clearing them for a while to get a more objective feel for their contents. Especially at shallower depths, almost everything in a typical vault is useless crap, but this remains true into the endgame. The stuff that isn't useless is mostly the same stuff you'd find lying around in the dungeon, e.g. nice consumables, speed rings, etc.

Vaults are neither particularly rare nor particularly worth clearing. If you don't have teleport other and banishment, they are essentially never worth screwing around with. If you are having a hard time getting past dungeon level 40 or 50, it's quite possible that your compulsion to clear vaults has a lot to do with that. Angband is a game of letting go.
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