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I have never ever read of anyone winning Nightmare mode period....let alone without cheating.

The cyberdemons at level 20, I actually managed to escape with my level 20 mage without dying lol. Staff of Teleportation is very handy. I only actually saw one, but I'm sure there was more than one based on the message spam from the vault (that was a huge vault too, was a shame lol). Soon as I saw it I teleported immediately, I wasn't taking chances. With my new char, I won't be on dungeon level 20 at level 20 lol.

I think actually the best way to play Nightmare, is to decend VERY slowly, making sure you play VERY defensively. My current AC for example is already 63 at level 11. It was 68 till I put on a Helmet which increased my INT.

I picked the Life and Death magic realms for a reason, as I explained above. Life sucks for a mage, but it proved invaluable for Nightmare in my first test run with the heavy cheating lol.

Zikke: Yeah, you have to set it in the birth options. Its HARD as h***, especially getting your first few levels. Until your AC gets like over 30, pretty much everything hits you almost guaranteed, it blows. I've gotten extremely lucky with this character, like Sleep actually working on stuff which could kill me in a couple rounds if it didn't. Oh, and can't forget the Ty curse....which fortunately so far hasn't summoned anything lol, or mass-drained my stats.

***I forgot to add one more VERY crappy thing about Nightmare. Corpses can rise from the dead at any time, and are much more likely to do so once they've been there awhile. They have to be visible though.***

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