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I'm also playing the August 25th nightly, and yup, the tile bug is still there as reported for earlier versions. I assumed Blue Baron's fix just hadn't been included yet, since it's still exactly the same problem as before.

Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
The trap detection ring is supposed to be visible, though.
It's supposed to be visible, but it's not correctly implemented in tile mode at the moment, so with the current bug you get blank black squares in place of the dungeon features, and you can't tell if a square on the detection border is a wall, floor or door short of attempting to walk into it. (Or switching graphics modes, since my tile set seems to be the only one affected.)

Presumably to make it work properly in tile mode you need a detection border tile that can be overlaid on top of the feature tiles without replacing them (I added a green X to my tile set for future implementation) but right now, detection borders are just not displayed at all in tile mode.
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