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Originally Posted by seraph View Post
i almost never feel like i missed a forge. more often i find a forge and there is nothing useful that i can make.
I sort of have a schedule for them:

- Round Shield of Deflection [+2. 1d3], gloves of the forge <+2>, boots of speed

- Crown of Grace, Rings of Accuracy and Evasion [+2]

- Loremaster Crown

- Gloves of the forge <+3>, lesser jewel of grace <+1>, amulet of grace <+1>

- war hammer of smithing <+4>

- Amulet of grace <+2>, Amulet of Con <+2>, something else

- Boots of great speed (maybe)

- Masterpiece weapon with frost, sharpness, and danger

If I have more forges I want to make rings (acc/ev [+4], str/dex<+2>, or dam<+2>), a shadow cloak [+4] (rF, rC, rFear), mithril greaves of dex <+2>, feanorian lamp of brightness, gloves with some combination of str,dex,momentum and rapid attack, amulet of con <+2>, and so on. Ideally, you can fill some slots with artefact items off the floor, and then fill your otherwise-decent slots with smithed artefacts. With this sort of character, missing one forge can put you off schedule, and due to the way forge gen works, can lead to fewer forges in the game overall (I think)?

I think a few changes I'd like to see are some subset of:

- Halve the time it takes to smith items, to 5 per difficulty.
- Allow the making of generic crowns of grace <+2> and Feanorian lamps of grace.
- I'm not completely sure how the forge generation algorithm works, but as far as I know, the game can start to force forge generation if it's been 2000 turns since a forge last generated, and I think one is guaranteed after 5000 turns? I think it might be better if the player had to actually find the forge in order to get the counter going again. This way, you won't feel bad if you failed to find a forge and don't have to explore every corner of the map. You might still see one that you cannot access due to chasms, but it doesn't happen too often.
- Let Lembas and Herbs of Restoration restore more of your stats. I actually assumed they fully restored your stats/grace until I tried smithing, because I've never gotten drained more than one point in anything until then.
- Make the "Haunted" curse apply even when not worn, and make it worth 2-3 points of difficulty reduction.
- Don't make Song of Aule take song points to use. Trying to make a high-difficulty item can take well over 1000 turns due to stopping to restore voice. This is especially annoying when there is a Kemenrauko interrupting you repeatedly and then running away in terror after 1 hit, or a Nameless Thing grinding away in the distance.
- Make Masterpiece an intrinsic ability, and potentially replace it with an ability that makes artefacts require only 2 forge uses to smith.

These suggestions are based off playing a character that was a heavily-armored warrior that smithed weapons, armor, and rings. From what I've read on old forum posts, you can also make a "graceful smith" that uses song of mastery and stacks grace. I haven't tried this yet, and I'm not sure how far in to the game it becomes powerful, but the further grace-boosting items might make this archetype overpowered.
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