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[QUOTE=t4nk;133428]Well, that's the standard Angband thing... they're saved in the character savefile (and, if you run configure --with-no-install, the savefile is in angband/lib/save). /QUOTE]

argh... that's horrible if I am seeing this right -

~/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/save$ file Shirish 
Shirish: data
I was expecting a nice .json type file but it's not to be

Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
There are still some things we can do. We can look into object files:
ldd angband | grep mixer
nm angband | grep sound
(run them in the directory with the angband executable)

In any case, since there were some problems with compiling with sound initally, try to recompile:
make -f Makefile.sdl2 clean
SOUND=yes make -f Makefile.sdl2
Sound is a thing quite unrelated to main-sdl2.c... it doesn't require the SDL2 port at all and can work without it (still using the SDL2 library). I always suspected that Angband's sound doesn't work very well with SDL (either 1 or 2), but most people play without sound, so there weren't a lot of bug reports. Also, Angband on Windows uses the Windows method of playing sounds, instead of SDL.
I find games boring without having their own sounds and music , makes for an immersive experience.

I did as you shared and this time did hear a thunder but that's about it.

~/games/angband-t4nk074$ ldd angband | grep sound => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (some memory address)

~/games/angband-t4nk074$ nm angband | grep sound
00000000000acd60 T init_sound
00000000000e6da0 T init_sound_sdl
00000000000ac740 t load_sound
00000000000e6c40 t load_sound_sdl
000000000005abf0 T message_lookup_by_sound_name
00000000000aca40 T message_sound_define
000000000005ac40 T message_sound_name
00000000001633e0 b message_sounds
00000000001633d8 b next_sound_id
00000000000acca0 T parse_prefs_sound
000000000003e150 T play_ambient_sound
00000000000ac8a0 t play_sound
00000000000e6b50 t play_sound_sdl
00000000000acdf0 T print_sound_help
00000000000acd40 T register_sound_pref_parser
000000000005ac70 T sound
00000000001389a0 d sound_names.7204
00000000001389a0 d sound_names.7212
00000000001633d0 b sounds
000000000013da60 d supported_sound_files
00000000000e6bc0 t unload_sound_sdl
Nice. So it seems we have sounds, but doesn't seem to have any background music, although you might be better judge of that. Is that it as far as music is concerned ?

@Magnate , hope you are following the thread, please input if you have any questions/queries about sound/music etc as you know the game much better than I do.
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