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add and option to .cfg to have a staircase up to the wilderness from dungeon-town.

So currently I have no_wilderness flag at the server. I would be fun to have an option to be able to go outside to the wilderness, to the open-world and go to the dungeons there.

Some details:
- every new character start in undeground town (like no_wilderness)
- in this town there is a staircase (or it could be a 'magic portal')
- if player uses staircase (portal) - he appears in Bree
- at any moment player could use them to go back

It would give alternatives for player - some would be glad to dive right into the dungeon, some would like to breath air

This option could be implemented later on, when server would have more players - then this solution could help to reduce problems with limited shops (so players would not have to wait one another when buying stuff or using the same 'dungeon storage-house')
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