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"edited .cfg and added there new account credentials"

Need to look at this. I don't remember how the admin char works. Maybe it's a problem with case (must start with uppercase?).

"I would be fun to have an option to be able to go outside to the wilderness"

Impossible. No_wilderness means there's nothing outside town + dungeon. And there's no way to generate it in this mode.

"currently minimum rows are 5, not 4"

Then it'll be 5 (you can get 4 without add-on). Can't go lower, at one point this crashes the client (Angband has no limit, and if you try to reduce the window to zero, it crashes the game).

"autopickup incription doesn't work properly"

Known bug. This happens when you step on ammo while running. And I have no idea why this happens... Workaround: before picking up ammo, stop and just walk to pick up.

"player 'Lich' reported lags when monsters breath on them"

Yes, that's the client latency for displaying effects. It is a configurable option. Go to Options menu -> d) set base delay factor -> lower the value (40ms by default). Usually I put 10 or 20ms to keep the breathing effect, but lower the latency on the client. You can put 1ms if you don't want effect.

"troubles with game performance"

Always or that's because the time bubble (low hps)? Never tested with Linux so I don't know...

"very bad thing, no point to use it."

That's because you don't play high stealth characters. Sometimes you want to wake up something close without having to go melee range. Horns are there for "aggravation on demand".

"rearrange shops items a bit"

You can rearrange via the txt file. The original version will always stick with regular Angband. I'll try to implement a "semi permanent" mode for items, but that will be only for customisation. All customisation in Angband leaves enough possibilities for everyone to adapt their game (or server) as they wish.

"PowerWyrm, as a developer/maintainer please could you declare policy considering adding stuff to PWMAngband initial package"

Easy. I'll deliver a package that is conform to what I play and enjoy, because I like playing my own games in turn based mode too, then customisation is totally free on servers.
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