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Originally Posted by tangar View Post
Nope, photoshop using .png format transparency, not separate alpha channel.
And what does that mean... I suspect when you say "alpha channel" you mean something that is not what programmers call "alpha channel"... PNG does support pixel formats with alpha channel.
I guess Photoshop has something that it calls "alpha channel", which is not a real alpha channel (since most Photoshop users have no reason to care about formats of pixels) and you're talking about that.


I've downloaded GIMP - when you open .png with this program - it shows separate alpha channel there, so it's working alright... But GIMP isn't really comfortable, so much photoshop functions doesn't work there
Maybe save your tile as .psd (I think that's what Photoshop's own format is called), open it in GIMP and then save as .png?
Although I find it hard to believe that Photoshop cannot save .png properly.
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