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This is the first time I've played Angband since over 12 years ago (version 3.0.6 or earlier), and I'm still trying to absorb all the changes, but overall I'm having a good time. It still feels fundamentally like the same game, despite all of the differences. Thank you to the devs for updating and maintaining the game for all these years.

I have something to ask about my current character: a dwarf priest lvl 29 and currently on dungeon lvl 29. He is doing well, except for one significant problem: I have yet to find any priest spellbooks after the initial two, despite full-clearing most floors. The only exception was "Wrath of the Valar" appearing once in the Black Market when I was low level and couldn't afford it. I've had 6 spell slots open for ages, and I've found each of the first two books many times over. I am absolutely sure I do not have "ignore" turned on for any of the priest books (though I am ignoring the other book types). Is it normal for them to be this rare? Do they only spawn at a certain dungeon/monster lvl?

Also unrelated to the above, I found a couple bugs to report:
1) Monsters that are two tiles tall do not redraw properly when they move or die, leaving the "head" part of their sprite on the screen (Windows 10, Shockbolt's tiles, windows scaled to display resolution)

2) Scroll of Light and Staff of Light object descriptions are missing text: "ball of <blank>" instead of "ball of light"
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