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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Generally you need to be deeper to find dungeon books. The first is native to dl 30, so you will see it soon enough. The second is native to dl 60.
Ah, thank you! Sounds like I'm almost there!

Taking that into account, I'd like to give one piece of feedback. In my opinion, this part of the spell progression feels flawed, given that I still have the same spells at clvl 29 that I've had since clvl ~1 (books acquired) or clvl 16 (fully learned)

Maybe it is intended to be more balanced toward fast diving, where someone would reach dlvl 30 earlier? I'm more of a slow, cautious player, and with that style of play, it just doesn't feel quite right to me. For the last 10 dlvls or so, the thought in the back of my mind has been, "Where is that dang spellbook already?"

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