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Originally Posted by will_asher View Post
I found the problem in the code and it's easily fixed, but I don't think competition players should have to update in order to have a better chance. So I won't be posting an update, but it'll be fixed in 1.0.98. At least others will be warned.

Why shouldn't priests and paladins get haste? (feel free to answer in another thread)
I am in favour of more differentiation between the mage and priestly magic realms, eg.

Spell: Detect (visible) monsters vs Prayer: Detect evil
Spells: Teleport and Blink vs Prayer: Portal
Spell: Teleport Other vs Prayer: Banish evil
Spell: Haste vs Prayer: "Boost AC, increase Hit/Dam vs evil" or some such
Spell: Resistance vs Prayer: Heal
Spell: Elemental Bolts/balls vs Prayer: Holy orb

I suspect detect traps and mapping need to be in both sets, but if a radius is added to these spell effects (as is the case in most variants) then they could be distinguished in a similar manner to teleport vs portal: a fixed radius for the mage, with a level dependant radius for the priest.
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