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Originally Posted by Big Al View Post
I use a lot of darkness bolts in the third master spellbook for direct damage, though they are expensive.
Yeah, that's what I mean. I've been using poison bolt, darkness bolt almost exclusively (until I found the psy book) for direct damage, but it would still be nice to have a 3rd damage type when poison and dark are ineffective.

Whoa, holy bugs, Batman: I just managed to summon 2 familiars! Any idea how this happened?
edit - Just figured something more about this bug, you can summon another familiar when after loading a saved game with a summoned
familiar already present

Bug: There's something odd about ally targetting. Sometimes I can't clear ally targets, so I have to target a space (then they all get unstuck) then I can untarget to get them to follow again.

Convenience: The food algorithm should consider eating elvish waybread when travelling.

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