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Originally Posted by fbas View Post
Would it be easy to add experience value to monster list view (probably rounded to nearest integer to save space).

Other possible enhancements for Monster List:
Mouse/Cursor select elements to highlight location on screen and trigger Monster Recall in other subwindow), sorting by proximity or experience value, etc.

[on the topic of space: I know space is often at a premium on the screen, but I'd also like comma separators in long numbers - things like experience, money, etc.]

I love the game and appreciate all the maintenance and enhancements over the years.
Most of those enhancements are already noted in another thread started by Timo about the object list - being able to highlight/zoom to a chosen object/monster, different types of sort order and so on (ticket #1164 IIRC). The suggestion of showing xp value is new, and interesting. It's certainly possible, but we're entering the realm of quite specific user preference, as I for one would not want that cluttering up my monster list window (which is very narrow in my screen layout). I wonder if takk can be persuaded to consider user-configurable subwindow content ....
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