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Weapon blows

Also, I know there is a reason someone put in fractional blows, i.e. 2.3 blows with this weapon. But, this can be misleading...

Take a Main Gauche 1d5 with 4 blows - should calculate avg damage per round of 10. Now take a battle axe with the same character, assuming 1.8 blows per round, 2d8. It calculates average damage per round of 16/2*1.8 = 14.4. However, practically, you only get 1 blow per round and it should be 8.

This system makes no sense to me and seems misleading. Why not round down the decimal in blows per round and calculate that way? It gets even more out of order (and the player can make bad decisions), on egos and artifacts.

Think of a 4 blow dagger that does avg 150 HP per round, then a 1.8 blow cutlass that does 180 HP per round. Practically, you are only going to get 100 HP per round.

Maybe the disconnect is that I am thinking in terms of "attacks" rather than "rounds"?
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