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Use Thalkettoth -- the +3 speed is very useful, you have the base resists on your shield, and nexus is covered by your boots. However, it's worth keeping Arvedui in case you find a shield that doesn't cover your base resists, like, say, Thorin.

As I noted, Celegorm vs. Elvenkind isn't a no-brainer. That +2 stealth makes you about 50-70% more stealthy. Of course you're not very stealthy right now, period, but slowing down the rate at which monsters wake up is usually a good thing. It mostly comes down to how strongly you dislike being blinded. Remember you can clear up blindness by drinking a Cure Critical Wounds potion, and as Remuz said, you should really be carrying a lot of consumables. I usually go for 15 each of CCW and Phase Door, in addition to a staff of teleport, wand/rod of teleport other, and scrolls of teleport level.

Also, no need to worry about hoarding until you run out of space in your home.
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