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Everyone has heard stories about the Halls of Mist. In the stories people usually see horrible visions in the blue mist and lose their mind. (They say carrying a bright torch would help.)

I've never liked the food clock in Angband. Nobody ever dies of starvation, so what's the point? The only food items in Halls of Mist are magic mushrooms. (Shamanistic magic is based on eating 'shrooms!)

Lanterns are gone, too, but torches are now more interesting.

Wooden torches have only 2000 turns of light. You can only have four torches in a stack, and weaker characters don't want to carry too many.

Enchanted torches have a bigger radius and more fuel but they are quite expensive for a beginning adventurer. Rare ego torches are even better, and they have different special effects, like boosting your Wisdom or making you fearless.

It's a tighter clock than in Angband. But in my hundreds (?) of playtesting games I have only very rarely ran out of fuel. More often I want to hurry because I'm wielding an impressive ego torch.

To make all sorts of boring torch optimizations impossible, you can not extinguish a torch. If you take off a torch, it's gone forever.
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