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Summoners can get nasty

I'll soon start talking about stats and skills but it's a scary big subject that's connected to most new game mechanics and even the new dungeon features.

I'll talk about my anti-scumming fixes first since I already mentioned the subject.

In Halls of Mist, you can explore at most 48 dungeon levels before you will have to face the boss, the Thin White Duke. In the earlier versions there were some exploits that allowed you to dodge this limitation and keep collecting experience on shallow levels.

I've greatly reduced the number of breeder monsters. The ones that are left don't give you any experience points or loot.

Summoners were a tougher nut to crack. It was painful to watch my friend Ear farm summoners. "Hey, man, Mist is not supposed to be played like that!" I tried several fixes during our playtesting sessions, and the last of them seemed to scare Ear out of farming.

Every time a summoner summons monsters, SUMMON_POWER goes up by one. Then, if you roll 1d40 under SUMMON_POWER, the summoned monsters' level is increased by SUMMON_POWER. When you leave the dungeon level, SUMMON_POWER is reset to zero.

Farm summoners long enough, and you will face Grand Wyrms.

P.S. You may want to read Scrolls of Summon Monsters and exploit Circles of Summoning when you get a chance. That's what Ear does, every time.

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