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This antiscumming seems to become paranoya. Imho changing monsters into valuable resource is a bad habit, if you have to do this, it means your game have some hidden flaws.
It is a common problem in all angband variants, as I think about this, main problem probably is a 'kill big bad boss to win' concept. If player can choose, when to face the big boss, and that boss is by far the strongest monster it makes it natural to prepare for a fight. E.g. if you award a winner for just getting to the bottom of the dungeon, 'scumming' may be reduced, or may be not, it depends on player's habit.

Btw just one more thing, IMHO it is not good idea to 'force' players to play 'optimally', in some way, that is supposed to, it kills the gameplay.

Random idea: You can limit total number of artifacts to be found per game by some reasonable value, like 10, so once you have this number, artifacts
generation stops, this will make it more appealing to go deep fast to get best possible gear.

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