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Too many changes for a changes list. Here's some that weren't mentioned in the documentation posts:
  • Dungeon generation will surprise you. The look is genuinely different, and not just because of the new dungeon features.
  • All boring magic items removed. Tens of interesting magic items added!
  • Lots of new ego item types, too!
  • All town spell books redone, with lots of new or rebalanced spells. Again, boring spells removed or changed. Different monsters will be easy or problematic for Fire and Frost mages.
  • You tend to encounter monsters in heterogenous groups, which makes battles more interesting tactically. More empty rooms to compensate.
  • Interesting terrain features tend to have thematically appropriate monsters nearby. Battlegrounds are often tactically interesting, and you can predict much about monsters if you learn about dungeon features.
  • Less item drops but they are generally much more interesting. For example, more ego items, potions and scrolls come in stacks.
  • No food, no mining, less but more challenging enemies... Lots of effort spent on reducing tedium and making gameplay faster! Spend your playing time making interesting tactical decisions instead.
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