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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
When looking at other games, Brogue handles the ID game better than any other roguelike I've encountered (with the possible exception of ToME 4, which just omits it altogether) - basically all consumables are automatically ID'd when used in an appropriate fashion (quaffing potions, aiming staves and wands at monsters etc).
You state this as if it were a fact, but obviously this is just one opinion and an opinion that we don't share. It would be very easy to move to the Brogue or TOME 4 style, and would have required less effort in the past, but I think that would make the game worse. I think Sil has done well to cater to both opinion -- certainly better than Brogue or TOME 4, which only cater to your preferred approach (less ID). As others have pointed out, you need the cost of two abilities to prevent Loremaster being extremely profitable. It is roughly even as is, unless you want a lot of other perception abilities.

Regarding metagaming, I think Sil combat and ID are actually pretty realistic in the tradeoffs they encourage. We put in a lot of effort on this.
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