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I just tested the new 3.0.0 beta... I must say that the *new* wilderness changes are very interesting. I just started up a new Possessor (Hugo$oul 341) and the mere attempt of getting a single Green naga was tricky. Soon after, a mysterious vault suddenly appeared on the wilderness map...*interesting*.

Of note, version 3.0.0 beta never crashed on me, but has some bugs (if not features).

Version 3.0.0 bug(s) found [these might even be features]:
1) Known pseudo-IDed {cursed} items can be sold at stores despite being cursed. Bug or intentional?
*Edit* I figured it out - This depends on severity of negative modifiers....

2) Auto-destroyer doesn't auto-destroy IDed and Pseudo-IDed {cursed} ARMOR/WEAPONS. For obvious {cursed} potions and junk items...these get auto-destroyed as usual. NOTE - I'm playing a melee-based Possessor
*Edit* - I figured it out...the auto-destroy kicks in when the weapon/armor is IDed and auto-destruction depends on how bad the negative modifiers are.

3) The *Destroy known worthless items* option is not working 100% as it should....when I attempt to destroy a known {cursed} WEAPON/ARMOR the game prompts, yes/'s supposed to destroy without the extra prompt. NOTE - I'm playing a Melee-based Possessor
*Edit* - Apparently, the easy-destroy depends on the severity of the negative modifiers.

4) Possessors gain XP much faster now...Is this new?

My suggestions for version 3.0.0 onwards
1) When vaults appear in the wilderness, they should contain items that are AT LEAST {good} or better and/or have somewhat challenging monsters. Example if the wilderness vault spawns near Outpost, it should generate along with a few Swordsmen, for example.
2) The Wilderness should have LATE GAME high-level monsters to inhabit the wilderness in SPECIFIC regions, period! After characters reach a certain high-level, you know...character level 40, they're basically unstoppable in the wilderness, and the wilderness just becomes dull after that.... So, there should be plenty of Star-Spawns of the C near R'lyeh, Great Wyrms of Power near Mt. Olympus, Iron Liches near the Graveyard, Great Storm Wyrms near the Dragon's lair, and so on. There should be a certain niche of monsters to inhabit certain regions. With a GWoP guarding Mt. Olympus, good luck attempt to scum it!!

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