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Newbie to Sil

Just looking for a few tips and pieces of advice on starting my journey into Sil. I'm pretty new to it, and never really know what I'm doing with my exp in the beginning of the game. Mostly I've been told that the "Noldor bruiser" archetype is a fairly safe way for beginners to dive into the game. I assume this comes from some mixture of melee and evasion ... perhaps stealth or smithing?

Coming from Angband, I can definitely see there's an even greater need to be extremely wary of what monsters you fight, and which to run from. The lack of phase door and teleportation has definitely made the early game a bit of a learning experience. I feel I would likely enjoy playing a stealthy character, sneaking up and assassinating things I know I can handle, and trying to sneak past the stuff I'm unsure of. Any suggestions on how to go about starting that sort of character?
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