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Burned through maybe a dozen characters now. First thoughts:

Changes to stealth: I'm OK with this. Early game Sil is pitiless, and makes getting certain builds off the ground (smiths, archers) essentially a gamble. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, "Today I think I'd like to fight nine wolves at once. Heck, I'll even do naked!".

Whether or not this is the "right" solution for early game, I think it was broken, and I think you've fixed it.

Impale: YES. Prereqs make for an interesting choice. Polearms and greatswords, truly Sil's bastard weapons, have been redeemed by this, IMO. One obvious question: If I can hit a guy two squares away if there's another guy between us, why can't I do that when there isn't?

Whirlwind: Looks good on paper. Of course the reason nobody took this is because the only circumstances where it was viable were also character-endingly untenable, utterly avoidable, and obviated by herbs of rage.

>Throwing Mastery is gone.


Knock Back: I always felt this was underrated. Not sure how I feel about this.

Strength prereq gone: Probably a change for the better. Its prereqs had the unfortunate consequence of steering characters in directions they wouldn't otherwise go, despite its being a skill we almost all take.

Cruel Blow and Crippling Shot: Never took these. Maybe I'll reconsider.

Other changes: Ego quarterstaves? Nice.

In summary, and with all due respect to half (who turned my favorite roguelike into something arguably better), these changes have me questioning how I could go back to vanilla, and that's if you were to stop now. Please keep it up.
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