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Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 View Post
Say what? Rings of Damage were so nice. Why remove them?
Precisely because they were too nice, and broke the relationship between weapon weight and damage (like Momentum).

From another thread:
Originally Posted by taptap
There are two things breaking the logic of strength and sufficient weight for larger dice, one is momentum, the other is damage rings. Without them you had a clear choice: increase the size of your dice or increase the number of your dice. And there also was the question how to leverage peak strength when buffed, which tends to be 4 points higher still.

When an ability looks like an autopick to you, yes you ripforareason , then it just might be too good, especially if it knocks out a whole lot of gameplay as irrelevant.
Light weapons can get some toys back when they aren't magical autopicks any more.
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