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JLE's patch was a huge change, in terms of rebalancing but also in terms of changing the monster lore. It added a huge heap of D&D stuff, turned some monsters that used to be classic @-killers into "just another monster" and generally created the feel of today's Angband monster list.

Then there was the recasting of angels as Maiar - which was pretty much exactly equivalent to what Nick's doing here, tweaking and renaming monsters who'd been part of Angband and its lore for a long time to give the game a more Tolkien feel.

Those are just the big monster lore ones; there have been other similar changes that didn't involve monster lore. I'm not saying you don't have every right to feel as you do; I'm saying similar changes have happened before, Nick's is not the first, it will probably not be the last, every one of those changes left a few people feeling the way you do now, and everybody else, including you, just kept playing. For you, maybe a couple other people, this is the big change that ruins everything. But there have been fifty big changes that ruined everything before, and yet Angband is still here.
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