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Originally Posted by tangar View Post
End of vanilla Angband
This 'gentleness' makes people who do not agree - just to be silent so they won't offend beloved person / won't go agains it's supporters.
I wasn't going to reply to this thread, but since you have accused non-repliers of being tacit disagreers who are keeping silent out of politeness, I feel I am now forced to reply and say that I agree with most of the changes, disagree with a few, and am totally confident that the net result will be significantly better than the starting point.

Now on politeness, I think you've got it the wrong way round (speaking only for myself, of course). The reason I didn't reply was not out of politeness and not wishing to offend. Rather, the reason I didn't reply was because I felt the original post was too impolite to warrant a reply.
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