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That is very strange, since I've been trying to run it on Windows.
Responding to your bullet points in order:

* I'm not quite sure what you mean here. Are you saying you added a keymap and now 'j' is acting strangely? If so, can you dump your keymap file for my examination?
* That is a good idea. I will see about adding that.
* Unseen servant should definitely be invisible (that's why it's "unseen"). Wizard eye may well be, too, that doesn't seem unreasonable.
* The full wording is "may breathe <damage type> for <amount> damage when at full health." This represents the fact that the damage dealt varies based on current monster HP. The issue is that the "for <x> damage" part is only shown after seeing ten breaths or learning the monster HP, while the "when at full health" is displayed regardless. This will be fixed. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
* This was definitely the case previously, but I thought I had fixed that in 0.6.5a. I'll look into it.
* I believe this was intentional, but I will check in on it.

In the future, I would prefer if you submitted issues on Github in order to make it easier for me to track.
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