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Originally Posted by jupiter999 View Post
Good day.

I'm not sure if the author / maintainer of PosChengband will ever read this, but it would be cool if the following gets remedied:
- creature almost always able to path find player, which is not realistic at all.
- it would be cool if creatures fight with each other; now the hand that strangle something always move together with novice paladin to chase me down! C'mon...
- it would be cool if I can throw something and maybe make a sound to distract creatures away while player is not in creatures' LOS.
- it would be cool if I can shoot something across a group of creatures to a target, but that target somehow mistakenly thought that group of creature did it, so...
- terrain manipulation; but I know this implementation will be huge...

Just a thought.
Sorry if I said something wrong
I have some things to say:

Monsters already found path to the player -
I hate to say this, but PosChengband is the most punishing GOD of all variants. That's the truth. Even, Sil and Angband are tame compared to the beast PosChengband has become, imo. The difficulty of PosChengband is already at another level for newcomers. The zaniness of countless features is the hallmark of PosChengband like none other that helped PosChengband become the # 1 variant, again imo.

Only in PosChengband (so far...), you'd see this:

Monsters fight each other-
Some monsters will fight amongst themselves if their alignments are opposite. For example, high-level Angels will fight high-level Demons.

Throwing something to distract monsters-
Good one. Chris should consider implementing this as another element to gameplay.

Shoot something across monsters, and a monster thinks it was the monster that did-
Another nice. Chris should consider this one too.

Terrain manipulation-
Depends on what you mean.... Giants and trolls are capable of climbing mountain terrain to come after you!!
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