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Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 View Post
I have some things to say:

Monsters already found path to the player -
I hate to say this, but PosChengband is the most punishing GOD of all variants. That's the truth. Even, Sil and Angband are tame compared to the beast PosChengband has become, imo. The difficulty of PosChengband is already at another level for newcomers. The zaniness of countless features is the hallmark of PosChengband like none other that helped PosChengband become the # 1 variant, again imo.

Only in PosChengband (so far...), you'd see this:
Since I'm playing Possessor right now, I found this kind of situation (I think I encountered this issue before back in the days of PernAngband... Can't remember...): due to my inept skills, I was forced to ran away into walls, leaving my corpse behind; now those creatures still keep touching the walls nearest to my location, wherever I go, which was funny; that's why I'm hoping the path find could be enriched a bit; maybe some false deduction AI that makes creatures think where should I appears, or make some educated guess to find path somewhere else

Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 View Post
Monsters fight each other-
Some monsters will fight amongst themselves if their alignments are opposite. For example, high-level Angels will fight high-level Demons.
Among those creatures, zombified creatures walk together with living creatures while chasing me down, that's why I wish this part also can be enriched a bit; I know opposite alignment fight each other, because I did modify an ancient version of Zangband 2.4 to make my variant aeons ago, and so learned about that fact; but as I said, in my example, the undead hand never attack novice paladin at all; I mean many of these creatures are not further handled properly...

Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 View Post
Terrain manipulation-
Depends on what you mean.... Giants and trolls are capable of climbing mountain terrain to come after you!!
- Maybe blast a pool of lava cause it overflows a few tiles and burn something along the way...
- Maybe forest fire (but the problem is how to regrow them )...
- Freeze water tiles, so that you no longer swim but walk over (I think this is an old suggestion found in many forums)...
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