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Originally Posted by jupiter999 View Post
Among those creatures, zombified creatures walk together with living creatures while chasing me down, that's why I wish this part also can be enriched a bit; I know opposite alignment fight each other, because I did modify an ancient version of Zangband 2.4 to make my variant aeons ago, and so learned about that fact; but as I said, in my example, the undead hand never attack novice paladin at all; I mean many of these creatures are not further handled properly....
That would be interesting in some ways, but also would lead to many problems. An Aggravating Characters might find levels essentially empty. Vaults Cleared before you could open the door, etc...

Originally Posted by jupiter999 View Post
- Maybe blast a pool of lava cause it overflows a few tiles and burn something along the way...
- Maybe forest fire (but the problem is how to regrow them )...
- Freeze water tiles, so that you no longer swim but walk over (I think this is an old suggestion found in many forums)...
The only roguelike I have played that makes a huge point of environmental damage and immunities was NPP, maybe that code could be looked into. A Balrog finds walking through magma to be a refreshing stroll.
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