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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Infinite !clw : neither price, slot or weight stops a warrior regenerating at 20 hps/round & never needing to rest. I suspect that multiplys stealth more then people realize.

Infinite ?phase: As above. With 40 it makes sense to blink till you land right. A huge stealth booster. It's a fun game, but over generous.
I think both of these are true but only relevant for a relatively short section of the game. The early game has become quite easy IF you know how to play angband. A knowledable player could start at dlevel 10 at level 1 without too much trouble. A player new to rogue likes will die a lot before ever getting to dlevel 10. So it's a balance thing, just dive as quickly as you can if you feel bored.
Once you get to say dlevel 30 or so, regenerating 20 hps/round is nice but will not save you from actually dangerous things. Any char above level 25 or so will get infinite phasing, usually from spell. Against ranged monsters multiple phases are rarely better than a single one. And you can always go from a bad situation to a worse one.
So yes, buying a couple of clw and phase doors in town trivializes the first few dlevels but not that many.
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