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When I propose different shades for the dungeon walls I'm thinking muted colors, like 25% saturation levels, and with the general principle that less is more. If it's too many color and too many varying colors it can quickly look cheesy and be far more detrimental than helpful. But a little color variance in certain parts of certain maps at least could make things a lot more interesting if handled well, which is why I've struggled to get engaged with variants I've tried as they sort of take things too far in the terrain/colorization side of things for my tastes. I like Angband for its simplicity.

I think the key for adding color variations to work (for my tastes, anyway) is to develop a very nice muted palette that the game draws from. Maybe it's a 65535 color palette, but the colors are from a very limited spectrum of color saturation (bright lava could still exist for floor elements, but the walls would always be low saturation colors).

I learned the value of developing a consistent palette and the tones it can set from Doom mods that change the game's color palette.
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