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Originally Posted by Therem Harth View Post
Yeah I've been a fan of this kind of terrain/dungeon variety for a while, it's part of what I've always loved about T2. I and others have brought it up before for V. IIRC the blocker has usually been the idea that varied terrain should serve an in-game purpose, instead of just being pretty - and that too much terrain with too many purposes is antithetical to how V is supposed to work.

As far as I'm concerned though this is a case where pretty is a feature, and combining different looking terrain with different dungeon layouts would definitely be a feature. YMMV.

Edit: for "secrets" you might want to check out variants (T2 again, FAA, not sure about others) that have hidden/special/secret levels. And I totally get you on that, secret areas were one of the things that made games like Descent really charming.
V actually has a bunch of rooms setup for terrain, if you search vault.txt for DRL you'll see a bunch of them. So when you plug the terrain code in from the new FA a bunch of them suddenly light up with terrain, a few of them are quite pretty. I actually thought I'd introduced a bug when I first saw reservoir because 1 of the square rooms suddenly had water. Without it it is just a big square room.
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