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I haven't painted any demons yet, so they will show up as colored ASCII characters. I guess you can tell them apart about as well as you can in vanilla Angband

Overall it should be easier with the pictures, since I could split some monsters that were assigned to the same ASCII character into several groups with individual images. It's still very much the same scheme as the ASCII view used - a shape which is common for all monsters of a sort (e.g. all molds have the same image), and the color tells the exact type. Colors are mostly the same as they were in vanilla Angband, too, so a pink frog is still a pink frog.

I tried to keep the "symbol+color" characteristic, just exchanged ASCII symbols with pictograms. One must learn them (as one had to learn the ASCII characters when starting new with a roguelike), but otherwise it should be about the same "readability" as the traditional ASCII display has. I have tried to keep the shapes very simple and distinct, so it should be easy to remember them and tell them apart.

I've tried write a bit of a summary here:

At the moment I think I have about 25% of the monster images, and 50% of the item images done. Maybe a bit less.
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