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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
Can you even see that "X" in there properly? What if it is something small like floating eye?
The X shold be clearly visible. A floating eye pictogram is not much smaller than the average other pictogram. So even those are easy to spot.

Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
Other than that it looks cool

Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
... but simple visual error can easily be fatal in angband (like killing bunch of orcs and then their leader the orange "c"...Ooops)
If the colors differ in vanilla Angband they will also differ in the iso view. If there are orange orcs and orange captains in between them, I must take care that the captain pictogram is different from the rest.

Originally Posted by Atarlost View Post
What's to prevent the pictograms for eg. orcs and kobolds looking nearly alike?
Your warning and my trying to make the pictures easy to read The pictograms do not need to be particularly realistic, so I'm positive there can be some characteristics added to make them distinguishable.

I understand your doubts. I cannot promise that it will work. But I'll try my best to make it playable. Thank you for the warnings and feedback
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