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Timo, I'll happily provide screenshots if you can tell me how to arrange such situations. Maybe there are problems indeed, which need to be fixed, by changing the perspective or the image sizes. But I don't know how I could provide views of the situations that you ask for

Edit: Look at the end of this message, I tried to stage such situations.

Meanwhile I've tried to clean up some of the images and did more testing. At least for me, this version seems to run fairly well.

For Windows users, there is a precompiled executable included. Also two starting batch files, "start_small.bat" and "start_large.bat" which choose a smaller or larger font, and therefore start with a smaller or larger window.


Sources and images are included as well, and I think it should compile for Linux, too, but I had no chance to test that yet (try Makefile.isov-sdl for the SDL based code).

No code changes this time, but some new and changed images:

- Food ration
- Mean looking mercenary
- Stairs up/stairs down
- Mold
- Permanent wall
- Normal floor
- Kobolds got weapons
- Scruffy little dog

A preview of the town and one of the first level in this version (taken with the "large" font):

Click for full size.

Click for full size.


Timeo, I've have made a mockup of these situations, at least I understood your concerns. The colors are not the ones as they would be in the game, but it should give an idea how much the characters overlap. Color differences will even help further:

I have no images for such high level creatures yet. I focused on the early game so far.
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