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Thanks for the edit, Nick!


I ditched the Great Axe. The -4 penalty was too much for my evasion heavy elf.

I soon found the Shortsword Dagmor. It has been sort of neat, I guess.

I used primarily my beefy Longsword and the Bastard Sword of Doriath to cut my way on down.

I was scared when I found this Ringrauko at floor 500'

But it looks like someone had gotten there first and imprisoned him!

It was a struggle to finish him off, anyway :/

Heading down I ran into the least of the Balrogs at a stairhead. He gave me a run for it, forcing me to take Rauko-Bane and popping a potion of quickness to seal the deal.

Another funny Warding event... the Doorkeeper cat had been kiting me all around. He couldn't do much damage to me, nor could I take him below 50%.

I play faster than I should, but I'm working on slowing down... slow down and think is what I did.

Then I cut him down.

Did I mention I found the shield of Glorfindel and Anguirel?

I'm a little scared about food
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