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Definitely use Anguirel, don't worry about food too much. You can always just swap it out for something else against weaker enemies if you want to conserve food. For abilities, I would suggest getting Flanking, Rauko-Bane, Poison Resistance, and maybe Song of the Trees if your light is not that good. It's also worth considering Keen Senses. Since you have Anguirel, if I was playing this character, I would plan for a melee ability set of something like:

Power + Finesse (I actually like to have both), Follow-Through, Opportunist, Rapid Attack, Momentum, (maybe) Strength.

In the long term (but you don't rapid attack until 1000. For now just use Anguirel with your shield.

I would also swap out the hauberk for a corslet. Hauberks are almost always too heavy imo unless it is Maedhros or Nevrast. A corslet with at least one bonus to one of evasion, melee, or protection sides is usually the sweet spot. As a rule of thumb, I estimate 2 protection ~ 1 evasion or melee, with corslets getting the tiebreaker over studded leather for the extra protection die.
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