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Horned Reaper was summoned by Balrog of Moria. I kept evading him while cleaning up the level and finally when everything else was gone, decided to finish him for good 30k EXP he was worth.

My tactic was to hit him with meteor swarms and switch to rift when he got too close for comfort.

Maybe he was faster than I calculated or my haste wore off, anyway he's suddenly right in front of me. 'rift', in order to hurt him and get him out of my face. He ain't going nowhere, instead giving me serious whacking.

At that point, phase door would have been sensible. Or TO. Or even heal. But I did not do any of those things, and I definitely did not pay attention to how much damage I already suffered.

So I cast another rift (just hit repeat button...).
He's not moving. What a stubborn demo...
*low hitpoint warning*
...what was that?
*low hitpoint warning*, *low hitpoint warning*... you die.

???wait what? WHAT??? you got to be kidding me! Did that thing do over 500 points of damage in just 2 melee rounds?!

At least I achieved something probably no-one has ever done before: Killed all 9 in one sitting.
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