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3) There is already in the latest ego_item.txt a new ego that does not work as intended (Lumbering). This is a rework of the old 'of Backbiting', it's now meant to be a mixed blessing ammo with: 'C:-d25:d25:0'. In the game this shows up as a very good ammo, e.g. 'Arrows (lumbering) (1d4) (+0,+23)'. (Another issue with this ego is that it still has the same rarity as 'of Backbiting' had, so about 36% the ego ammo is (Lumbering)).
OK, I didn't mean to commit that, it's now reverted in staging. Thanks for pointing it out.

And a second follow up issue:

Today curses negate all values on items. This will become confusing when cursing mixed blessing items. I can't see that this functionality will be applicable to the new curses that we'll have eventually. This is of course not pressing, but if it happens to be in the same code... I could fix the .txt entries affected.
Cursed ego items are actually never generated anymore, and there's no code in the game to negate based on curses anymore.
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