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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
I've linked to this thread from ticket #1394, which I re-opened following our previous exchange. The stuff you ask for is therefore still alive and kicking on the tracker, but not for 3.3
Great :-)

Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
The bug you mention about ego armours not having to-hit maluses is unrelated to pvals, since ego_min_pvals is a separate function called from ego_apply_minima. It is a legitimate bug though, so I have opened #1471 for this.
It's unrelated now, but I'm pretty sure they were related in 3.2. But now that I think about it I only tried setting to-hit to negative min value in 3.2...

So, almost all my issues in the OP are being handled :-) How about making the L: line in object.txt work the same as the one in ego_item.txt? i.e. allow a min value there as well.
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