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Exclamation Bug report: Inability to change visuals for most identified objects

I've tried so far on rings, amulets, potions, and 'shrooms [I'll just call them RAPS, for short] so far and changing the visuals on unidentified objects works just fine. However, on identified objects, the visual simply defaults back to the original character. Furthermore, 1) I have no problem changing the visuals for identified scrolls; and, 2) when I try to further interact with the changed visual for RAPS, the changed visual shows up in the "choose colour" line-up, but not in the known objects sym column/(or AFAIK) game.

Side topic (more out of curiosity than something important): I'm guessing their unidentified forms would show up with the changed visual for characters that hadn't identified them yet (e.g., new or different characters using the same .prf) and then would revert back to their default character when the new or different character identifies them.
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