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If you're playing toffee you should get rough estimates of the likely reforge results for a given target, helping you assess the likelihood that it will be better than what you currently have.

Vilya is "too powerful" for reforging - it will give very good results, but no better than reforging Nenya because the extra power is just ignored. I wouldn't recommend reforging it onto a MHDSM; MHDSMs in general work better as targets for ?artcreation, and as an archery skillmaster you don't really need AC that badly. (Actually, I suspect the game won't even let you reforge Vilya onto a MHDSM, though logically it ought to allow that.)

I'd go for a shooter, or a cloak, or some less AC-heavy armour (a Sexy Swimsuit would be a very appealing option if you had one, because the Ag would keep the value down; but something like a leather jacket would work nicely too). Probably a shooter though.
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