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Hi mibert,

yeah, being able to see such data for weapons not equipped has been requested before; but it's more complicated to implement in Frog than it was in V (and it's pretty complicated in V...), so for now you need to equip them. (One big difference is that in V you always know which slot a weapon goes in, but in Frog most characters have multiple weapon slots, and some have no weapon slots at all.)

Buying weapons tends to be a really rare occurrence anyway; pretty much the only times it happens (other than on death-swords) are 1) some once-in-a-year black market ego/randart or 2) buying an average rapier at game start because you started with a dagger and still want to melee Thieves' Hideout at cl 1. Weapon egos are pretty common, even in the fairly early game, so shop weapons need to be really exceptional to be worth investing in.
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