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Originally Posted by Narsil View Post
Hello, is there any chance for "always generate vault rooms" birth option being reintroduced?
I am currently experimenting with reintroducing this option, but there is one point on which I need feedback because of a key difference between Frog and Pos.

In PosChengband, dungeons with tiny levels were an exception to the "always generate vaults" option; no vaults were generated. But the starter dungeon (Stronghold) was not a tiny-level dungeon, so the player was thrown in the deep end right off the start, with greater vaults generating on level 1.

FrogComposband's starter dungeon, Warrens, is a tiny-level dungeon; so if I simply copy Pos's code there will be no vaults in Warrens, which will play the same way as it would with the option off. There's three ways I can go about this:

1) Copy the Pos code directly, and accept there are no vaults in Warrens.
2) Allow the generation of lesser vaults in place of greater vaults when the levels are tiny. This is what my experimental code currently does, but a problem is already apparent; early lesser vaults are generally radically softer than a greater vault would be, making the start much less dangerous. I have no idea if always-vaulters would consider this good or bad.
3) Edit: Trying to force the generation of greater vaults even in dungeons with tiny levels works less well than I'd thought, and is not an option.

A potential additional option would be to increase level size with wacky rooms on, avoiding the problem by not generating tiny levels; but that's a pretty awkward end-run.

Do old ironman_rooms players have any clear preference?
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