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Post Skillmasters

Not strictly a mage, skillmasters allow you to functionally build your own class. Recently I had fun with this by making a mage with mounts, something that doesn't exist in PosCheng right now.

Since it's a 'build your own class' kind of thing, you can take whatever school you want (I went with 'Chaos'), though it should be noted that skillmasters aren't overly flexible; you get five skill points to start with, and another one every five levels (so fifteen at max). That said, you'd probably want your choice of magic school as well as riding maxed; this takes ten skill points of the fifteen.

Note that 'Riding' is necessary, both for being able to get on your mount, as well as to reduce the chances of you being thrown off when you or your mount take damage.

If you end up wanting to go with this, say so and I'll give some more advice about what you'll need to keep in mind.
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