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Dolphin HAL is a beast. My laptop can barely handle it, and while I though it would be somewhat novel, I found it's vocal intrusiveness excruciatingly annoying. That being said, I can part ways with it now. Despite my own low expectations, I've managed to solve your problem (at least I think that I did).

Using a trial of a program called Sib Font Editor, I took the one of the larger angband fonts and changed it into a 16x32 font. I should probably note that, while the technical size of the font has changed, it will appear to be the same size, just more white space. At least that is what I think happened.

My point is, after all is said and done, HAL and DaJ played nice together. It's kinda cute the way that that HAL always refers to your gold as "Australian dollars".

16x32.fon - Get it at
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