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Questions and suggestions

I am fairly new and I have a few questions

For some context on my level of skill I cannot get past 350ft and most of the time I barely get that far anyway

What weapons would you recommend in the first few hundred feet? I tend to use a short sword but it is not cutting it, the classes I use tend to be a stealthy archer/warrior or a protection/smithing build

How can orc soldiers take so many hits, I know this is stupid but I was standing in the middle of a hall and there was two orc soldiers they closed the gap between us shockingly quickly, I thought my shortbow of Gondolin would cut it, sadly it did not and dear old Alagon lies in the ground for the hundredth time

Why is a potion not identified when I use it?

How do I best deal with shadows, I have only come across one so far and it touched me to death

Do orc thieves take stuff from you? Any Orc thieve I have come across I had either avoided or killed

What abilities would you best recommend for the builds I have listed above, I typically go straight for charge

How do I wield a weapon with both hands?

Will there be another update for this game soon? And has there be any details on it? I have a suggestion a trap where if it is triggered a chasm will open in a circle around the player forcing him/her to either leap over the chasm with the leap ability or do a Gandalf on it and plummet down it

What is to be found in secret rooms weapons,chests? And any tips on how to find them?

How do I Identify and item? As I have previously said using it does not seem to work and X does not work either I know there is an ability I can get but I would like to avoid that

Another suggestion would be a heavily guarded armoury room and sleeping quarters for enemies. orc smiths could be a new enemy they wield a smithing hammer that has a chance of stunning the player, upon death they drop a weapon

My last suggestions are a fissure, basically a chasm filled with fire that would occasionally spawn a Balrog or a Fire-Drake, an Orc pit that has and orc breeder nearby, this pit can spawn any type of orc. And last a kennel room which has few wolf riders/ kennel master inside along with wolves

Thanks very much in advance for reading all of this and for providing answers for my questions, I would be glad if you would kindly provide feedback on my suggestions and the likelihood of them being implemented

Sorry for grammar mistakes, this was quickly typed
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